Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A new world record!

From DVICE on 5/6/08: If you’re looking for the tallest tower of LEGO in the world, here's a picture of it right here. This monster was built in the Legoland Windsor theme park in the U.K. of 500,000 LEGO bricks, and stands just shy of 100 feet high.

My commentary:
Now why would anyone ever build a LEGO tower reaching 100 feet tall? Can you imagine how many stairs a minifigure would have to climb to make it to the top? That evokes an extremely funny image in my mind. No but really, the minifig would have to crank his neck back so far to look at the top, his head would fall off! I should change my blogger alias from Gen X to Funny Guy. (sound effect: Badum-ching!)

Okay, maybe Funny Guy is a stretch, but how about Random Fact Finder.: In miniscale terms, building a 100ft tall tower would be comparable to building a 4,800ft (.9 miles) tall tower in normal person scale… which would be two times as tall as the current tallest man-made structure in existence (a skyscaper still under construction in Dubai, that reached 2,064 ft in height as of April 7, 2008).