Monday, May 12, 2008

File this one under important documents...

Jesus Diaz's of Gizmodo is a LEGO Maniac. He is certainly on par with me and my crowd in regards to fan status. If you don't follow Gizmodo, you should. His wife recently posted an essay today entitled "How to Love a LEGO Maniac," which includes a 10 step program outlining exactly how to ensure a smooth relationship with a LEGO fanatic. This post is my effort to help in spreading her word and knowledge to significant others of LEGO maniacs worldwide.

Of course, each LEGO maniac situation will call for unique combination of guidelines to leading a healthy and balanced life, but I must say this article is a great jumping off point. I'll definitely keep this one filed under important documents.

As gracious as I am for this new resource as I look for my lifelong companion, I am, in fact, hosting major feelings of jealousy over here, in reference to Jesus' potential pilgrimage to the LEGO factory in Denmark this coming in June.