Thursday, March 27, 2008

Call me a LEGO Fan!

Along with the fully functional LEGO PC, LEGO Air Conditioner, and LEGO furniture, I'm adding this working LEGO Telephone to my list of dream items for my office. Of course, I'd custom order mine to be cordless with an integrated speaker phone. (Really, is that asking too much?)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Party - Amazing LEGO Models to Help Spark Your Creativity

Hey Ultimate Blog Partiers!

Today I thought I would share with you one of my favorite collections of LEGO Creations…hopefully this video of amazing LEGO models will give you a taste of my world and why adults and kids alike continue to build for hours and hours. This video really proves that you can make ANYTHING out of LEGO bricks.

GOSH…if I could just figure out how to build a LEGO car like the one featured in this video…sure would save me a lot in car payments!

Happy Blogging!

Monday, March 10, 2008


As many of you know, I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom! I am having an absolute ball meeting fellow lady bloggers and checking out their blogs. My blogging mission today was to showcase awesome LEGO models created by families that I could share to inspire creativity in the homes of my fellow party bloggers. I visited the LEGO Club page today and saw an outstanding LEGO lamp that was built by an 11-year-old child and his dad…and it actually works! The lamp currently holds the title of Designers Choice! Check out other amazing LEGO creations at the Club site and maybe tonight you and your family (no matter how old your kids are) can brighten up your family room by pulling out your bucket of bricks and BUILDING!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Welcome Ultimate Blog Partiers! Thanks for stopping by! I’d like to first introduce myself… I am Homebody, resident Mom Blogger, and I am thrilled to be partying down with fellow moms this week. I write mostly about incorporating CREATIVITY into your everyday family life and I love discovering different ways families play with the brick!

Whether it is journal writing, after-school painting classes or playing on a basketball team, creative activities for children help to challenge their brains and broaden their horizons. Creativity is the critical heartbeat of today’s most successful businesses and is a critical skill in preparing the next generation workforce.

To get you started, I have created a small party favor for you as a token of my appreciation for party hopping to my pad! It is entitled “LEGO Family Building Night Activities Booklet”. I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to stop by later this week for another fun favor!

Also, in case you haven’t reviewed the entire list of Ultimate Blog Party gifts/give-aways, LEGO has donated 7 of its newest Pink Brick Boxes (in honor of the 7 day long party!) They are adorable! (Click here to learn how to become eligible.)

Kindly sponsored by the folks at LEGO, the LEGOstories blog acts as a resource for tracking fun stories about the LEGO brand for all of us LEGO parents, teachers and/or fans, and provides inspiration, tips, links, etc for exploring CREATIVITY and LEGO building. Please feel free to mingle and read my past blog posts, meet my friends, and visit us often to stay abreast about why CREATIVITY matters.

Be sure to check out my last post and learn about the LEGO Creativity Awards, where 5 kids will win $5000 each to pursue their creative passions.

Happy partying... and please feel free to leave a comment!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Share Your Child's Creativity

LEGO just announced the 2nd Annual LEGO Creativity Awards essay contest…like’s Droolicious Blogger reports, “New guitar or drum kit? Canvases and paints? Rack server for the home? Personal project (RED)? No matter what dream you're hoping to finance, grab an entry form at LEGO's Creation Nation website and share your kids' creativity with the planet (last day for entries: May 23).”

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This fully functional PC - complete with a VIA Epia PD Mobo 1Ghz, Nvidia 6200 PCI Graphics, Laptop 80 Gig 7200Rpm Hdd, Laptop DVD, 1 GB Geil DDR memory, 200 watt PS, side cooling intakes, ACB Exhaust fan, and wheels for mobility, is (best of all) cased in LEGO. If hindsight is 20/20 and the square of 493 is less than the sum of the whole, the train arrives at 4:02 pm with all the eggs in one basket, and this LEGO PC gets a perfect 10!