Thursday, April 10, 2008

If I Were...

No one knows creativity better than kids... but sometimes little ones need to be allowed the right environment to fully express their creativity. Mary and Heather, founders, have some great tips on enhancing creativity and imagination.

My personal favorite is #4... "If I Were..."
Here's how you play:
Heather and Mary suggest playing this game in the car, but anyplace will do. Say to your kids, “If I were_____” Have them fill in the blank and then create a story. For example, “If I were an astronaut I would….” Mom and Dad can play along to!

Here is my LEGO version:
"If I were a LEGO minifigure..."

If I were a LEGO minifigure, I would live in a bucket with all of my LEGO brick friends! I would be able to meet other LEGO minifigures, who would be just my size. I would get to meet astronauts and aliens, police and firemen, trolls, dwarves, and knights, and even racecar drivers! I could even meet Indiana Jones! I would build a fortress as big or as small as I please, and share it with all of my LEGO minifigure friends.

Give it a try, or get 9 more creative ideas here.