Thursday, June 21, 2007

Inspiring the Builders of Tomorrow

Some companies work to make it fun for their employees to be at work. Others are creating programs for students that helps them see the fun side of their future career choices. IBM is hoping to activate girls’ interest in fields like science and technology when they’re younger, more open to new ideas and bringing a creative, fun attitude to the game. Check out this this story about how they created a camp for girls to spark their interest in technology, and they’re using…you guessed it, LEGO robots as part of the camp program. Quoting an IBM corporate community relations employee and camp coordinator: "[The girls] are just so excited and are like, 'I can do anything. I can be an engineer. I can work in pharmaceuticals. I can do anything in math and science. It's not boring. It's fun.’ That, to me, is extremely important."