Monday, October 8, 2007

First LEGO Education Center opens in Southlake, Texas

Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science, PE, History. Sound familiar? For most of us, school consisted of a set number of classes in specific subjects, with an occasional music or drama class from time to time. Not like there’s anything wrong with this. Remember, I’m a “teach” myself. If lead by skillful teachers, standard classes give children a solid foundation to approach new challenges and become thoughtful problem-solvers.

So often, however, skills that are vital for success, i.e. communication, concentration and perseverance, are proficiencies we assume will develop involuntarily. So often are these “soft” skills pushed to the wayside in school curricula. I was excited to hear that LEGO Education opened their first US LEGO Education Center in Southlake, Texas last week. All LEGO Education Center courses, taught after school hours, encourage students to develop seven essential skills (a few of those I mentioned previously), and all center activities are designed within an environment of guided exploration. You can get the whole scoop here